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Shezan Products

For many years Shezan drinks, pickles and jams have been providing high quality, fruit and vegetable based products.

K.I. Trades has been the distributor of a comprehensive range of Shezan products since 1992.

Wholesale Productlist.            
36x250ml Apple Juice Drink Tetra   12x1kg Lasoora (Berrygold)Pickle in Oil
12x1Litre Apple Juice Drink Tetra   12x1kg Mango Pickle in Oil  
36x250ml Fruit Punch Tetra     12x1kg Mixed Pickle in Oil  
12x1Litre Fruit Punch Tetra            
24x240ml Fruit Punch NR Bottles   Jams.      
36x250ml Mango Juice Drink Tetra          
12x1Litre Mango Juice Drink Tetra   12x440g Apple Jam  
24x240ml Mango Juice Drink NR Bottles   12x440g Ginger&Orange Marmalade
12x735ml Mango Squash     12x440g Mango Chutney  
12x735ml Anar Squash (Pomegranate)   12x440g Mango Jam  
12x735ml Rose Syrup     12x440g Pineapple Jelly  
          12x440g Plum Chutney  
Pickles.         12x440g Strawberry Jam  
          12x440g Sweet Orange Marmalade
12x350g Chilli Pickle in Oil            
12x350g Garlic Pickle in Oil     Sauces.      
12x325g Green Chilli in Vinegar          
12x350g Lasoora (Berrygold) Pickle in Oil   24x300G Green Chilli Sauce  
12x350g Lime & Chilli Pickle in Oil   24x300G Ginger & Garlic Chilli Sauce
12x350g Lime Pickle in Oil            
12x350g Mango Pickle in Oil            
12x350g Mixed Pickle in Oil